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Adhesive Thermal paper LINERLESS

Linerless thermal adhesive rolls: label without support

More environmentally friendly, linerless thermal adhesive paper rolls are presented without support, directly on a continuous adhesive tape. With SEGO's linerless thermal adhesive paper rolls, you reduce waste and overall costs. Automatically cut off by the cutter of your linerless printer, paperless paper labels are immediately applicable to any product. They therefore save you valuable time for manual labeling.

Thermal adhesive linerless rolls: alternative labeling!

Our linerless rollers have 30 to 40% more labels than German rolls. The linerless labels are suitable for companies interested in implementing sustainable and environmentally friendly practices. Ideally used in the food industry, linerless labels are particularly useful for storage labeling and order picking.

Order your rolls of thermal adhesive linerless paper with SEGO

Two-dimensional rolls of adhesive linerless thermal paper are available on our website:

58 mm X 97 mm X 40 mm - length 65 m

79.5 mm X 97 mm X 40 mm - length 65 m