Wherever you go, there’s thermal by SEGO ! 

Established in January 2001, SEGO commits itself to the manufacture and distribution of thermal paper products dealing with payments’ system.

Wherever you go, there’s always a part of SEGO in a thermal paper.

In the fields of cash-registers, payment-systems, balances or electronic-displays, our requirements for the quality of our papers are at the highest level. 

Our FSC standard or our commitment for the issues dealing with bisphenol A, S or phenols show that SEGO act as close as possible with the attempts from the market.

Moreover, our commitment with our customers (domestic or export) is total. Relation, hearing and service are our business core.

Our 16 years’ skills give you the insurance of quality and an answer to any inquiry in the field of the thermal printing.

So, do not wait anymore and wherever you go, there’s thermal by SEGO!