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Security Envelope

Security envelopes to ensure the confidentiality of your shipments

Order your envelopes and security pockets in line with the nature of your shipments:

Safety envelopes for medical use, for sending analyzes and sampling

Security envelopes for the transport of funds (money, checks, banknotes)

Safety pouches for packaging and preserving foodstuffs

Security envelopes for the shipment of confidential documents, small valuables, files or contracts, legal documents ...

Security enclosures with permanent adhesive closure

SEGO offers you tamperproof, waterproof and tamperproof security envelopes.

Since the adhesive is permanent, it is impossible to open the safety envelope without cutting it. Any attempt at forced breakage is visible and irreparable. 100% recyclable, our security envelopes are made of thick, opaque or transparent polyethylene, providing proven resistance to cuts, creases, cold, heat and liquids.

Identifiable security enclosures

Protect your mailings from fraudulent manipulations with our selection of security envelopes.

Our security envelopes meet strict manufacturing requirements to meet the requirements of the public administration, the police and justice services, fund carriers, healthcare professionals, researchers, industrialists, industry Agri-food, mass distribution ...
They allow the individualization and traceability of your shipments thanks to a unique identification number associated with a barcode.

Customizing your security envelopes With SEGO, personalize your security envelopes:

we print your logo, all types of barcodes or images of your choice, in four-color or two-color process.
For any request for personalization of security envelopes and quote study, contact us.

Quick delivery of your security envelopes

Order today! Thanks to its permanent stock, SEGO ensures the delivery of your security envelopes as soon as possible.