General Conditions of use

Our sales are subjected to the present general conditions which prevail on all conditions of purchase, except express derogation
from us.

Any order that is submitted to us directly or through an intermediary does not commit us to the buyer until after acceptance
on our part.

The prices indicated on the order form will be maintained for one month from the date of signature. If delivery has not occurred
within this period, the prices invoiced will be those in force on the day of delivery.

Prices are quoted excluding taxes.
All fees and taxes currently applicable or to be charged will be charged in addition.

There is no minimum order size. The equipment and supplies will be sold port plus extra to 22,50 €uros HT for
any order of less than 300 €uros. For orders over 300 €uros, delivery will be free of postage.

The prices indicated take into account the terms of payment in cash on order or on cash on delivery.
After Express acceptance from us, the goods and services may be payable within 30 days of the date of issue of the invoice,
At our head office, irrespective of the method of payment agreed upon. The creation of drafts or bills shall not constitute a derogation from the
this condition.

If the sums due are not settled by the due date, they will be automatically increased by an interest corresponding to the rate
plus 5 points after formal notice. In addition, in the event of recovery by contentious procedure, it will be claimed, as
penal clause, a lump sum indemnity equal to 20% of the amount of the sums due.

Our goods travel at the risks and peril of the consignee who must safeguard his rights vis-à-vis the carrier whatever
by proceeding with him and this on receipt, to all the reserves of use.

Our delivery times are given as an indication. No delay can justify the cancellation of the order, nor give rise to
penalties or indemnities.

We retain ownership of the goods sold until payment of the full price of principal and accessories. Born
does not constitute payment within the meaning of that clause, the remission of a security creating an obligation to pay (trade or otherwise). The lack of
Payment of any of the deadlines may result in the claim of the property. The foregoing provisions shall not preclude,
from the date of delivery, to the transfer to the buyer of the risk of loss or damage to the property and of the damage
could result.

Our equipment and supplies are guaranteed.
This warranty is subject to manufacturer warranties for the duration and in their application. Defective products whose
warranty must be returned to us completely in their original packaging and after our agreement
(Merchandise return number).
The warranty does not extend to the repair of the damage suffered by the purchaser as a result of equipment defects
and supplies sold.

It lapses:
• when the equipment or supplies were the subject of interventions by persons not belonging to our company before
• when defects are due directly or indirectly to defective maintenance or abnormal use, even if
or abnormal or extreme conditions.

No cancellation request will be considered after receipt by us of the order that definitively commits
the buyer.

Any complaint will be valid only if it is formulated within 3 days of the delivery of the goods to the customer.

Any return of goods must be agreed with us beforehand. Returned goods must be shipped in
paid to our headquarters.

Failing payment of the entire price at the agreed maturity date, this contract shall be automatically
damages which could be claimed from the defaulting customer. The resolution will take effect FIFTEEN DAYS after
the sending of a formal notice remained unsuccessful.

Any dispute relating to the present sale, even in the case of a warranty claim or a plurality of defendants, will in the absence of agreement
the exclusive jurisdiction of the Tribunal de Commerce de Meaux.