Thermal roll 57x46x12 box of 50

Rouleau Thermique 80x80x12 View larger


Thermal roll 57x46x12
Thermique  produced from KOEHLER 55 grs high quality paper. 

Rolls are packaged in a strong box of 50 units and wrapped in PE-Film per 5 rolls inside the box. This enables to optimize the shelf life and protection of the roll.

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  • Manufacturing thermal rolls since January 2001, SEGO is specialized in different fields such as cash registers, balances, banking system...

    With more than 1000 references in stock, you will definitely find your model of thermal rolls in our range of products.

    Our rolls are made from high quality KOEHLER thermal paper and above all, lengths are stricly respected.

    Sego, that's also thermal labels, ribbons, toners and ink jets.

  • Height 46 mm
    Width 57 mm
    Weight 310 grs
    Lenght 24 m

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